Kaizen Ergonomics provides cost effective ergonomic services to create a better work environment for your employees.
We will work with you to identify your unique challenges and create a plan 
to reduce injury, improve productivity, and 
improve the health and wellness of your staff and your business.  



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To Ergo is Human...

Modern work has affected our bodies. We are built to move, and yet we force our bodies into constrained posture for hours at a time. This can lead to pain, injury, and loss of productivity. OSHA has estimated that 33% of worker's comp claims are because of a musculoskeletal injury. Many times these are preventable through proper ergonomic training, equipment or wellness programs. Kaizen Ergonomics offers in-office assessments of your employees work stations by a certified ergonomic specialist, as well as training for your human resource managers in OSHA ergonomic standards. We provide cost-effective solutions that will improve both your bottom line and your relationship with your employees. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.
Now servicing Orange/Los Angeles County. 

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